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Jen Principe is a soul stylist with a sole purpose: to change lives through the power of clothing. Her empowering work in fashion has been featured on Hallmark’s Home & Family, the Associated Press, and Inside Edition. In 2021, she was featured as a top celebrity LA stylist on Inside Beverly Hills (BBC Network). She hosts the KTLA segment “How to Be Your Own Personal Stylist” and has styled for Focus, JMG, Calabasas Style, Ventura Blvd, and Sherwood Life magazines. Jen is the founder and owner of the nonprofit The Phoenix Effect, where she raises funds and curates photoshoots for people suffering from life-debilitating diseases and trauma. She lives in Southern California with her husband and two boys and is the author of A Common Thread: A Fashion for the Soul Book.


To transform lives from the outside in and to provide a styling platform that anyone can afford.

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Having your own personal stylist is a luxury that many people simply can’t afford. Jen’s vision is to provide a styling platform that is affordable, educational and transformative. Join the membership and learn how to become your own personal stylist


“When your passion aligns with being of service, I believe you have found your purpose”

Her nonprofit of eight years, The Phoenix Effect, provides personalized photoshoots for those affected by trauma, cancer, and life-threatening diseases. She helps survivors reignite parts of themselves that have become dormant during the healing process. By providing a day of respite from illness to feel pampered through fashion, each survivor embraces their inner and outer beauty. She curates individualized photoshoots, styling her Phoenix from head-to-toe, which are later memorialized as coffee table books.

Clothing is an investment. An investment in yourself. My job is to show you how to spend your investment wisely by getting the most out of your wardrobe.

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