KTLA 5 News Reporter/Anchor

Jen has been one of the greatest blessings! I was never much into fashion because I didn’t know where to start, and I was often left feeling overwhelmed when looking at my closet or attempting to buy anything cute. I have to have a new outfit every day for TV, so the process became too much. She swept into my life, and after seeing her one time everything started to change. She looked at my closet, told me what to get rid of, analyzed what I needed, and the next visit came by with a vast variety of the cutest outfits and accessories. I felt like she got exactly what I wanted. And she worked with my budget. She is insanely talented, and also truly cares about her clients and making them feel their absolute best. She helped me step up my game. I am so grateful to her! It’s like I was touched by earth angel.


It’s always a pleasure working with Jen. She has such a talent and an eye for putting looks together for me that flatter my body, my skin tone making me feel and look my best. Love her!


Executive Producer

Jen changed my life. I have zillions of clothes but never had anything to wear (sound familiar?) until Jen came into my life. Not only was she organized, fun, inspiring, creative and thorough, Jen created looks for me that I wear over and over and always feel great! She has a flair for making you look and feel your best, which is a true gift!



I met Jen Principe as I was launching a new book and needed outfits for several national talk shows and news programs—Live with Kelly, GMA, Dr. Oz and more. I never dreamed that i was hiring so much more than just a personal shopper or stylist. Working with Jen over the past few years has taught me the importance of clothing, style, and image for my brand, audience and self confidence. Now when I’m getting dressed in the morning or choosing outfits for TV or speaking, i channel what Jen taught me to look, feel and be the best I can!


I hate shopping. Mostly because I never felt like clothes looked good on me. I had a lot to learn, I just wasn’t interested. I saw my friend Tony and he always had great style and everything seemed to look good on him. I finally asked him why he always looks good in everything he wears. He told me his wife bought all his clothes. I asked, “can I hire her”?

The answer is yes! Jennifer Principe is the answer to looking good in clothes. She makes it so easy! She shows up at my home with tons of options, tells me what looks good and organizes my closet. She made it so easy. She also took pictures of all of my outfits and sent me the links so I didn’t have to make the decisions.

I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to look good, feel good and be stylish!


I met Jen Principe 25 years ago and have been impressed with her attention to detail and always making me look good. In my business, my clients want to make sure they are working with someone that they can trust and puts their interest first. My appearance is of utmost importance to me since it must convey trust and professionalism. Jen is passionate about both your professional and personal success. A rare trait for stylist. If you want to take your business to the next level you must look the part! Look no further than Jen Principe!!