Easy on the Eyes

Sunglasses… The most timeless, necessary and chic accessory you could invest in. They conceal, pull together and protect all at the same time.

Adding a stylish pair of glasses to your wardrobe is the easiest way to add instant fashion and turn just about any mediocre outfit into something more noticeable. I like to refer to sunglasses or prescription glasses as “jewelry for the face”. It’s highly overlooked and in my opinion one of the most important pieces in your wardrobe. It’s literally the first thing someone will notice about you because it’s on your face. So, choosing the right frame is important and well worth the investment.

Being a southern California native myself, sunnies have become a vital part of my day-to-day attire. So, if you live where there’s a lot of sunshine, purchasing several pairs to change up your look can be a worthwhile investment. Besides, they rarely go out of style. But, where do we start? Let’s start with the most important aspects to consider, the shape of your face. Face shapes fall into the five categories; oval, round, square, heart and triangle.

You will want to choose a frame that will complement and bring balance to your features. For example, if you have an oval face, you will want to choose frames that are wide rather than narrow to bring balance to the length of your face and the lenses should hit the center of your brow, not below. An octogen shape works well on ovals too and is fun way to mix things up a bit.

If you have a heart shaped face, meaning your facial structure is wider on top than it is on the bottom, choose glasses that are oval, round or aviator shape.

If your features are round, lucky you!!! You can pull off a plethora of styles and will have plenty of eye candy to choose from. Try a pair of thick heavy bold statement frames to compliment your round cheeks. A rectangle, square and cat eye will also work well with your features.

If your facial structure is triangle or angular meaning you have a broad jawline and a narrower upper portion of the face, the key is to create harmony. Try a wider or oversized frame to draw the attention upwards and soften your features.

Square face shapes should choose glasses with curves to balance the clean shape lines of the face. Choose glasses that wider than your face and sit high up on the nose.

No matter what your facial features are, everyone looks good in an aviator, everyone. Definitely a must have! The goal is to choose a frame that brings balance and symmetry to your face.

My recommendation is to purchase a few good pairs of quality eyewear and fill in the gaps with some fun trendy fashion frames. Some of my personal favorite designers that won’t break the bank are Vehla, Ray-Ban, I-sea and Diff. However, if you’re willing to invest a little more time and money, a vintage find will never go out of style. I personally love to scour antique shops and the internet for a vintage pair of Linda Farrow, A Porsche model number 5657 or classic Revo. I feel like I hit the lottery when I find a pair I’ve been coveting and endlessly searching for.

Whether new or vintage you ultimately should buy what makes you feel confident and look your best.
*Pro tip: An easy fashion trick is to add a pair of sunglasses with colored tinted lenses or try a frame with a bold hue for instant chic. 
*No matter what your facial features are, everyone looks good in an aviator, everyone. Definitely a must have.

"A good trick as we get older is to get a thick pair of glasses that have a dark frame. Everything else can droop and slide, but that pair of dark glasses stays dark and crisp."
- Anonymous

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